Image of Aromatherapy shower melts

Aromatherapy shower melts


Let’s turn your shower into a healing spa !

My Aromatherapy shower melts release abundant fragrances that indulge your senses and relax the mind.

My aromatherapy melts are made with ALL NATURAL ingredients, including the finest essential oils.
There are NO Fragrance Oils.
They have no color, therefore no stained tub and will wash right down the drain .
They can last 1-2 showers, depending on where you place them in the shower. Personally I get two uses.

**These are NOT to be used as bath bombs**

Lavender Spearmint : which I developed for my own relaxation and recurring headaches. Lavender oil promotes relaxation and helps you sleep better. The mint oil relieves headaches and opens up your sinuses to help you breathe better. Dried organic lavender from my garden on the top.

Tangerine Lime: an invigorating “wake up” scent, perfect for mornings. This one is a very clean and happy scent ,and the citrus oils actually aid against depression and anxiety. I have a citrus oil in my diffuser everyday to set a happy mood in our home . Citrus is also great for concentration. These are the plain ones in the photo.

Summer Garden: a combination of citrus and rose oils, with crushed dried roses and other flowers on the top. Rose essential oil is typically touted as an aromatherapy remedy for the following:
Migraines, stress, depression, menopausal symptoms, headaches and menstrual cramps.
** In addition, rose essential oil is said to enhance libido, stimulate circulation, sharpen memory, and boost mood. 

Orange eucalyptus: invigorating, uplifting and fresh.

Place one melt at the bottom of your shower away from a direct stream of water. I kick water into it to get it started.
Aromatherapy melts will begin to fizz when water hits them. That will release the essential oils inside, creating the perfect combination of aromatherapy and healing qualities of the essential oil. As the melt dissolves, the fragrant air will surround you in a cloud of luxurious scents.

Listing is for one aromatherapy melt.
Reminder , these are not to be used as bath bombs

Image of Aromatherapy shower melts Image of Aromatherapy shower melts Image of Aromatherapy shower melts