Image of Calendula & honey

Calendula & honey


** note** calendula should NOT be used internally by pregnant women. Please consult your doctor.

My calendula and honey soap is not only really pretty to look at but it’s amazing for your skin. Calendula has so many great properties.

It’s healing properties consist of anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic and astringent. It helps reduce pain and calms acne.

My calendula soaps are mixed with natural Long Island honey makes it a skin powerhouse.

Calendula’s Skin-Healing Benefits:
* Rashes
* Stings
* Wounds
* Burns
* Sunburns
* Abrasions
* Swellings
* Eczema
* Acne
* Insect bites
* Scrapes
* Bruises

Image of Calendula & honey Image of Calendula & honey