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Hamsa soaps


The hamsa is a palm-shaped symbol historically used by both Jews and Muslims in Arab countries as an amulet to ward off evil forces, particularly the “evil eye.” The word is derived from the Arabic word for “five,” and depicts the five fingers of the human hand. For many Jews, the hamsa symbolizes the “hand of God.” The symbol also has been called “the hand of Miriam” (who was Moses’ sister) and Muslims may refer to it as “the hand of Fatima” (who was Muhammad’s daughter).

It symbolizes positivity, good luck and happiness.

My Hamsa soaps are currently available in two scents, mango and amethyst, which is a unique blend of lemon, pear, melon, lily, rose and other beautiful oils.

✨ note: only 4 Hamsa soaps fit in a small priority mail box. Any more would need to go to the next size box. Please message me to discuss rates if you are buying more than 4 Hamsa soaps.